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School Chest 2022


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About The Dragonfly Foundation

The Dragonfly Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting patients and families impacted by pediatric cancer at a time when they need it most.

Dragonfly relieves the emotional, relational and practical challenges of cancer. At its core, what Dragonfly offers is community. The foundation provides understanding, support, resources and opportunities that families will rely and reflect on for years to come.

School Chest’s support of The Dragonfly Foundation relies entirely on the Deerfield community's involvement. We ask you to join us in supporting School Chest 2022 and The Dragonfly Foundation as we work to help and advance its powerful mission.
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This year, School Chest will be donating 20% of the money raised to support the recovery effort in Highland Park after the tragedy this summer. The funds will be donated to the July 4th Recovery Fund organized by the Highland Park Community Foundation

What is School Chest?

For over 50 years, Deerfield High School has held an annual three-week long charity drive in November, called School Chest, to raise money for a selected beneficiary. During these three weeks, the efforts of the student body, staff, and surrounding Deerfield community are synthesized with the mission of raising funds and awareness for the beneficiary. Numerous events and initiatives, such as a silent-auction benefit dinner, a singing competition, a craft fair, portion nights, a 5k Run for Change, and daily food sales, are held as key means of fundraising during this three-week period. All School Chest events are entirely student-run. School Chest is truly magical--it unites the entire student body and community towards a common goal.


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